Handlar’n at Stocken camping – our campingstore

Welcome to Handlar’n at Stocken camping!

“Handlar’n” means “the Merchant”and here you can have a quick peek into our camping store.

The store’s opening hours during high season are 08:00 – 21:00.


Would you like warm freshly baked bread for breakfast, or fresh cinnamon buns for coffee? In our well-stocked Handlarn shop, we bake every day – and if you want to barbecue in the evening or arrange a picnic on the rocks for lunch, for example, you can find most of what you might need here. We have a solid assortment of food as well as drinks and sweets, magazines and snacks.

But what about ice cream? Of course we have ice cream! In a tub, on a stick or in a cone and not least, as scooped ice cream, where you choose which flavor or flavors are best for the day. Maybe with some sprinkles and caramel sauce? We always have lactose-free and vegan options. Or why not go for a Frozen yogurt? We can also conjure up a steaming hot coffee with the ice cream, both in the shop and in the Golf Kiosk.

Every Friday and Saturday afternoon we grill in the store! Fridays we do the very popular ribs (of pork) and Saturdays chicken thighs. Perfect summer and camping food! NB! There are always limited quantities, so if you want to be sure of being able to buy, you should come into the store or call and make a reservation: +46304511 00. Feel free to book a baguette or two at the same time, and we will make sure that they are freshly baked when you come to pick them up.

What more is there? Camping accessories, crab fishing rods, toys, souvenirs or a nice gift for mom? Absolutely!

Welcome inside and discover what else we have to offer!

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