Camping with your dog


Relax and enjoy the summer together with your four-legged family members here with us at Stocken camping! Whether you come with a motorhome, caravan, tent or prefer to stay in a cottage, we have room for everyone.

The Stocken Restaurant

The restaurant welcomes your four-legged friends on the outdoor deck, where you can enjoy your lunch in the sun or in the shade under the pavilion – and warm summer evenings at sunset brings you delicious food and drink, accompanied by the unbeatable view of the old fishing village of Stocken.

The Dog Bay

Your dogs can cool off in the sea, play and run around at their very own sea bay that is situated close to our nice walking paths. There are also other good hiking trails to enjoy on the island of Orust, to get to by car or bike.

Leash requirements

On the camping  grounds, you as the owner are responsible for ensuring that the dog is on a leash and under supervision. If you would like to set up a small enclosure inside your rented camping pitch, that is fine.

Also keep in mind when hiking on the trails around the campsite and on Orust, that during the period 1/3 – 20/8 there is in Sweden a leash requirement also in nature and dogs are not allowed to run loose, to protect nesting birds and mammals with young.

The Dog Spa

After a day’s adventure when it is time to rinse off salty paws and freshen up the fur for the evening, there is the opportunity to pamper your dog in our fully equipped dog spa. It is located in the middle of the campsite at the smaller Service Station, (point 4 on the area map).

Payment is simple: When you open the door, a sum is automatically deducted from your access card that is loaded at check-in. Shampoo and conditioner are included and there is a blaster/blow dryer to blow the coat nice and dry afterwards.

The bathtub itself is adaptable with a height-adjustable bottom. For smaller dogs, raise the bottom to the higher position and for bigger dogs, put it in the lowest position. It is then also possible to open the door in the front of the tub and pull out a ramp from below, so that the dog can step into the tub itself.

Dog free zones

The childrens playground, the jetty/sundeck and the “peoples beach” are dog-free zones, but dogs are however welcome to be on a leash on the rocks next to the beach and the jetty/sundeck.


Should you need to get in touch with a veterinarian for any reason – try these links:

Varekils Djurklinik

Veterinär i Stenungsund/Distriktsveterinärerna