Sustainability has many ramifications, and it is difficult to change everything you would want at once. But one step at a time, it is still progressing and becoming an increasingly anchored way of working, both in everyday work and with new projects.

So, what do we do at Stocken camping?

We continuously review what can be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives regarding disposable items in our store and ice cream kiosk. Our basic range of food is supplemented, or replaced, with more climate-smart alternatives and we bring in products from local producers. We are also happy to collaborate with, and sponsor, local associations’ and companies’ events. For new construction and maintenance work, we cooperate with local and regional contractors.

The cleaning agents used on the campsite have been replaced with environmentally friendly ones. Our washing machines have been equipped with automatic self-dosing, to avoid overdose and the detergent in our laundry rooms is both environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic.

The showers in the service buildings are subject to a fee and all handbasins have been equipped with non-contact taps, all to help keep water consumption down.

The lighting of the service buildings is equipped with occupancy sensors and all older light fixtures at the campsite are being replaced with LED- lighting. Starting in the 2023 season, the work of replacing the old fossil heating systems in the larger service buildings is finally underway. We are now investing in more sustainable and environmentally friendly alternatives.

We have zero tolerance for litter at the campsite and our beach, so we have plenty of trash cans placed around the campsite. In our garbage yards there is the possibility to sort waste into different categories, as well as a depositmachine for swedish PET-bottles, (swedish “pant”), next to the store. Adjacent to the campsite is the municipality’s environmental station, which we also refer our guests to.

Since the campsite is long and extended, we use electric cars (golf carts) and bicycles or walk in daily operations. We are gradually replacing the remaining machinery, such as company cars and motorized work tools, with electrically powered counterparts.

The campsite also offers public charging posts for electric cars. At the moment there are four posts, with the possibility of expanding to eight.

When it comes to social sustainability, we have for example an agreement with Visita – and annually offer seasonal employment to give the opportunity for young people to get a good start in working life in a safe and secure workplace. With us, neither abusive discrimination nor harassment is accepted in any form – with us, everyone is equal.

At the campsite, work is constantly being done with the safety of the guests in mind, especially during the high season we follow and place all caravans and mobile homes on site to ensure safety distances are being kept. Fire extinguishers, which are inspected every year, are placed all over the campsite and are marked on the area maps on our information boards. We also have a defibrillator at the reception and offer all our employees CPR training.

On our website and in our Infopoint cottage we give tips and information about activities and attractions both locally and regionally.