We have three facility blocks at the campsite and with the access-cards you get at check-in you have access to toilets, showers, latrines and entrance barriers. The access-cards are charged with money to be used for showers, laundry and dryers. What you use during your visit will be counted off at check-out.

For the youngest guests, in each of the two larger facility blocks there is a room with a changing bed, baby bath and a small shower. In the buildings you will also find laundry facilities with washing machine and dryer, as well as opportunities to wash by hand if needed. The washing machines are equipped with automatic self-dosing of hypoallergenic detergent. More information about this and the detergent can be found in the laundry rooms.

At facility block 1, adjacent to the kitchen, there is a common room with TV. There are also tables and chairs for those who want to eat and socialize there.

In the new facility block on the camping area at the entrance there are toilets and latrines, as well as 4 generous family shower spaces – 2 of which are handicap-accessible.

Next to the larger facility blocks you will find waste sorting bins for household waste, paper, metal and glass, as well as charcoal residues.