Servicehouses 1, 2 & 3 + the Service Station

We have three servicehouses and a smaller service station at the campsite and with the access cards you receive at check-in, you have access to the kitchens, dishwashing rooms, laundry rooms, toilets, showers, latrines and the access barrier. The access cards are loaded with money that can be used for showers, laundry and dryers. What you have used during the visit will be deducted at check-out.

Service building 1 was renovated for the 2023 season and Service building 2 will soon be next.

In addition to toilet and shower areas, Service Buildings 1 & 2 each have a separate room with a changing mat, baby bathtub and a smaller separate children’s shower for the smaller guests. In these service buildings you will also find kitchens, dishwashing rooms and laundry rooms with washing machines and tumble dryers. The washing machines are equipped with automatic self-dosing of hypoallergenic detergent. More information about detergent and how it works to wash is posted in the laundry rooms. Hand washing facilities are available in the laundry room in Service Building 2.

At Service Building 1, in the kitchen building, there is a common room with TV and also tables and chairs for those who want to eat and/or socialize there.

Next to the larger service buildings you will find waste sorting bins for household waste, paper, metal and glass as well as barbecue charcoal residues.

In the smaller Service Building 3, in the camping area next to the reception, there are 4 generous family shower areas with toilets – 2 of which are handicapped accessible. There is also a latrine and a small garbage yard for household waste, glass, metal and charcoal residues. For dishwashing and laundry, we refer to Service Buildings 1 & 2.

The Service Station is located in the middle of the campsite and there you have access to a toilet, a latrine and fresh water as well as the possibility of emptying greywater. And at the back of the building is the popular Dog Spa!

Please, keep in mind that non-smoking applies in all our premises and access to ashtrays is available outdoors throughout the campsite.