Midsummer is a wonderful weekend. On the Midsummer Eve, celebrations are held in Stocken village. Dance around midsummer bar, you can buy coffee, lotteries etc. A lovely traditional celebration.
The Midsummer weekend with us is very popular, so book your place well in advance. Mail us at : info@stockencamping.se.

Midsummer program 2019

Thursday June 20 at 18.00 Collection at the playground in Stocken to dress the midsummer bar, please bring flowers.

Midsummer Eve at 14.00 Traditional midsummer celebration with dance, lotteries and coffee serving at Stockens playground at 14.00. Everyone (big and small) can go along in the camping car that goes there. At 14.30-15.30 there will be dancing around the bar.

Check-out no later than 3 pm for departing camping guests and at 2 pm for holiday guests.

We all wish a nice Midsummer weekend.